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What is elfShare and who is behind elfShare?

elfShare is the newest social network to host a special group of people: a community of givers who are all passionate about sharing gifts!

elfShare administrators are responsible for creating UNIQUE retail spaces within The Mummy Ride (Pharoah's Gold), Toon Lagoon at WossaMottaU, the Betty Boop Retail Center, Poseidon's Treasures, City Walk, Universal Studios, Hollywood and Universal Studios, Orlando. On the world's finest cruise lines, the Windsor Creative Team created the Fine Jewels Auctions at Sea representing millions of dollars in retail goods to cruise line passengers worldwide. 

The main reason this platform was created was to make it easier to know the perfect gift for friends, family, and even acquaintances without awkwardly asking... whether it’s a gift for someone you see every day or haven’t seen in a while. We believe that the creation of a Gifting Profile can encourage people to share and give more!

Sharing gifts helps others feel cared for and enriches the bonds and connectivity between people.  We thought that bringing ElfShare into the world can make gift-giving that much more fun, entertaining AND meaningful!

Who is elfShare for?

ElfShare is for everyone. Though accounts are allowed for younger users, parents should supervise those younger than 17 on the ElfShare platform.  This is due to certain content of items in the WebShop, some of which may not be appropriate for younger audiences.  Most importantly, delivery address information is sensitive data, requiring the proper privacy settings.  Parents can create wish lists for their kids as events under their accounts.  Personal data is the sole property and responsibility of ElfShare users to manage. See our Terms & Conditions for additional information.

Gifting Profile FAQs

What is a Gifting Profile?

As a registered user of elfShare, you can have your own personal page called a Gifting Profile on with a unique URL (example: that helps you share your profile with others.

The customizable Gifting Profile includes an “About Me” section, gift preferences, gift wish list, delivery address and shows suggested, committed & purchased gifts.

There’s also a photo album where you can upload photos with your new gifts or of other favorite memories as well as calendars for your events!

There’s a virtual tour available to explore the features of the Gifting Profile.  Look for the helper icon with an "i" on the upper right part of your Gifting Profile page parallel to your name.

How do I customize my username?

To create a customized user name for your URL, go into the "Settings" page.  On the left you will see your "Personal Information" listed.  Underneath your name, you'll find your username, which you can personalize.  Your username is unique, so no two people can have the same username on elfShare.

What does it mean to “commit” to a gift?

To “commit” means that you set an intention to purchase a gift from a person’s wish list, so you are in essence reserving the right to buy a gift.
This means that you are being counted on to buy a gift for this person.  The purpose of committing is to prevent two or more people from simultaneously buying the same gift for a person.

Once a user has committed to buying a gift, we recommend that the gift be bought right away or as soon as possible since some items do sell out quickly.  This can avoid disappointment later on!

After buying a gift you can set the gift from “committed” to “purchased” status.  When the recipient receives the gift, s/he will set the gift to “received” and it will move to your “purchased” gift list.  At this point the recipient can share your new gift on the News Feed, potentially thanking you for this new present!

What does it mean to “design” a gift?

You can choose a design to display on the background behind your gift in your WishList or when suggesting a gift. This is only virtual- not real wrapping paper.

For real wrapping paper to be sent on a gift, look for elfShare’s gift-wrapping icon that says "Giftbox" on a product preview. This indicates that the merchant provides gift-wrapping services with delivery.

Do I really need to add my delivery address?

You can set a separate delivery addresses for the public and for your friends, or you can set no address, and let friends have your address upon request.  If you choose to give out your address upon request, you will receive a notification from that friend who is asking you for your address.  Again, you must be friends to request an address. You can send your address to a friend via a message in our chat system.

When you add your delivery address on your Gifting Profile then people have access to your address at any time in order to directly send you presents at home, at your post office (P.O.) box or even at your place of work.

If you want to receive gifts from anyone in the elfShare community, you need to set a public address (either a work or P.O. box).  Home addresses are not available for public viewing for safety reasons.

You can set your privacy settings to the option that fits your needs the best while maintaining your privacy. 

For more information on how we protect your privacy and about your security, visit our Terms & Conditions.

Gift Shop FAQs

Why does it take so long to load some product images in the Gift Shop or in the Gifting Profiles?

Sometimes you may notice that some product images load slowly. This is because these images have been served to you from insecure locations or by a slow server through our merchants, which we correct in our system- hence the extra loading time.  We make sure that all images are secure by using a proxy image server, which delivers an image back to you that is guaranteed safe and secure. is SSL protected (https://) to ensure that you are always surfing in a secure environment. This does however exclude pictures of custom gifts, which can include images that are uploaded by users themselves. This is why it’s best to only accept custom gifts from people you know and trust. Gifts found in the elfShare Gift Shop are safe & secure to accept from anyone.

The Gift Shop has a product in it that’s out-of-stock or with a different price. How is that?

Inevitably you may find out-of-stock items or changed prices once you click out of our Gift Shop to a merchant's website to make a purchase.  Before you suggest a gift to someone or add a gift to your wish list, always check to make sure that the product is still in stock.  This helps keep you and others from being disappointed. Also we advise not hesitating too long before buying gifts since certain items tend to sell out quickly.  

If you see that a product is out-of-stock in the Gift Shop, you can help by reporting it to us.  You will see that option on the gift under the “report” button. It’s a great way to contribute to the ElfShare community and we thank you in advance for reporting issues that you see.

I picked or was suggested a gift that doesn’t ship to my country. What do I do?

Better find a similar gift that ships to your country so that it can be delivered to you by postal service! You can change the “select” button on the upperhand right side of the Gift Shop to find products that ship to your country (either USA/Canada or global).  But hovering over a product in the Gift Shop, you should be able to see the product's shipping details (USA/Canada or global).  Most of our merchants ship globally, to nearly every country in the world.

What to do if my gift did not arrive or the order is incorrect?

If you found the gift in the elfShare Gift Shop, then all orders need to be resolved through the merchant’s website (the shop where you purchased the item) using the site’s customer service avenues.  Always make sure that your delivery address is kept up-to-date on your elfShare profile and that any description of your desired gift (size, color of item, or any other options) is specified for the buyer.

Someone promised me a gift but I never received it.

If your friend or acquaintance promised to fulfill your gift request and you never received the gift, then we suggest that you speak directly with that person to resolve the issue.

General FAQs

What if I have a technical problem with the website?

If you encounter an error message or something not working properly, we are working to fix those issues.  Thanks for continuing to use elfShare in the meantime!

Someone is posting offensive things to my account. What can I do?

If you feel you are being harassed, we would suggest unfriending this person and contacting us at

Do you offer organic and fair trade products in your Gift Shop?

Yes, we do!  We are happy to work with Ten Thousand Villages who carries a combination of fair trade, organic and “upcycled” gifts. UK-based Celtic & Co offers a range of products handcrafted in Great Britain made of natural organic fibers.   We are proud to say that a number of our shops offer products that are ethically crafted in the U.S.A. and abroad and we're always looking to add more.  

On the left hand menu in our Gift Shop we have collected some organic and fair trade gift options under the section "elfShare Picks".  Check it out! 

How can I buy online while being more sustainable to protect the planet?

We suggest the following for greener shopping online:
1) Order your products ahead of time with longer shipping dates to avoid expedited shipments and multiple deliveries of partial orders.  Next day or 2-day deliveries force delivery trucks out only half-full whereas with extra days for delivery the trucks can be filled completely for maximum efficiency.
2) If possible, have your packages sent to a depot center near the delivery address to avoid deliveries that come straight to the door. This eliminates short delivery runs, reducing pollution and traffic on small roads.
3) Try to aggregate as many products as possible within a shipment. This makes the delivery all the more worthwhile!
4) Prioritize items that enjoy a long lifespan of use. Think about how your purchase affects the Earth and her resources. For example, natural, organic and fair trade products impact the Earth and humanity more favorably than one-use throw-away non-degradable items that quickly end up in the landfill! That’s a mouthful!

What about surprise, anonymous gifts?

We are working on this feature … so stay tuned for this upcoming feature and more!

What’s next?

We will keep on working to improve the platform and provide you with additional features into the future. If you like us, please share with others! The more the merrier! We’re on Facebook, Instagam, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+… so let’s connect over gifts!

If you have a question that was not answered here, you can contact us at

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