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Day of Happiness

Happy enough? The International Day of Happiness is a global celebration of what can make us truly happy in life.

Date: 20 Mar 2019
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Holi is a Hindu spring festival celebrated in India and Nepal known as the `festival of colours` or the `festival of love`. The festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, and forget and forgive.

Date: 21 Mar 2019
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Puppy Day

This day is dedicated to the cutest creatures that make everyone around them happier: puppies!

Date: 23 Mar 2019
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April Fools` Day

Get out all your gags, pranks and hoaxes for this funny joke-filled day!

Date: 01 Apr 2019
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Siblings` Day

On this day, if you have brothers or sisters take the time to plan an outing with them or buy them a surprise gift! Connect and show love for them since you share a special life experience and possibly the longest relationship of your lives.

Date: 10 Apr 2019
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Moment of Laughter Day

Laughter spreads joy and happiness and brings cheer into the lives of others. Let it all go, forget the stresses of daily life and give into the healing and relaxing power of laughter on Moment of Laughter Day.

Date: 14 Apr 2019
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Easter is believed to originate from the word Eostara, goddess of rebirth. Easter bunnies, egg painting, egg hunts, parades and other customs mark the beginning of spring. Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with special church services.

Date: 21 Apr 2019
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Earth Day

Our planet Earth sustains all living beings. International Mother Earth Day is a global event with more than 1 billion people taking part in actions that directly benefit nature.

Date: 22 Apr 2019
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Lovers` Day

Express your love and commitment on Lovers` Day. Do something adorable for your sweetheart: cook a meal, plan a hike or a city getaway, book a night at a B`B, arrange a spring picnic, go out dancing, or anything that would make your partner or love interest swoon!

Date: 23 Apr 2019
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Arbor Day

On Arbor Day, trees are purchased and planted in an effort to re-forest the planet. So find a patch of ground, your dream tree and get your hands dirty! The children of tomorrow will thank you!

Date: 26 Apr 2019
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Mother`s Day (US)

On this day in the US, mothers are showered with love, gifts ` attention in celebration of motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.

Date: 12 May 2019
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Day of Families

The International Day of Families is the perfect day to spend time with your own family. How about a picnic or a barbecue? This global observance is also a great occasion to help another family in need.

Date: 15 May 2019
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Pizza Party Day

Why not throw a pizza party to celebrate this fun and very unofficial holiday!?

Date: 17 May 2019
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Brother`s Day

Show your brother you care by getting in contact, getting him a small gift, or by spending some quality time together. Show him your love ` appreciation for who he is!

Date: 24 May 2019
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Global Day of Parents

This worldwide day of observance celebrates effective parenting and honors parental figures for their commitment of raising happy and healthy children.

Date: 01 Jun 2019
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Say Something Nice Day

This day is a reminder to speak nicely to those around you- even strangers. Positivity spreads joy, kindness and goodwill. Are you a `lifter`?

Date: 01 Jun 2019
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Hug Your Cat Day

Your cat deserves extra attention today with more cuddles, caresses and hugs! Honor your cat while lowering your blood pressure and stress levels at the same time. No cat? Maybe adoption or working at an animal shelter is in your future!

Date: 04 Jun 2019
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Best Friends Day

Have a BFF? Then consider yourself lucky! Celebrate your close friendship with drinks or dinner out, playing games, going for a walk or by doing something nice to show your appreciation and thanks.

Date: 08 Jun 2019
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Father`s Day

Father`s Day celebrates fathers and father figures with such things as a party, a phone call, gifts or other myriad ways of showing love and saying `thanks`!

Date: 16 Jun 2019
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Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice, also called midsummer, is the longest day in the year in the northern hemisphere with the most hours of daylight. Be inspired by participating in an outdoor festival or party celebration!

Date: 21 Jun 2019
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Fourth of July

Celebrate Independence Day in the USA surrounded by friends and family with a barbecue, fireworks, parades and other festivities!

Date: 04 Jul 2019
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World Kissing Day

Pucker-up because it`s a day dedicated to smooching. Today show your love with a kiss!

Date: 06 Jul 2019
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World Chocolate Day

It`s International Chocolate Day, quite possibly the best day of the year! Make it dark chocolate for your health, fair trade for workers, and organic for nature!

Date: 07 Jul 2019
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Cheer Up the Lonely Day

On Cheer Up the Lonely Day do something nice for a stranger, a friend or a neighbor. Stop by, share some joy, give a gift, exchange some news and heartfelt wishes! Every uplifting gesture ` interaction makes a world of difference in the life of someone!

Date: 11 Jul 2019
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Embrace Your Geekness Day

Geekness rules supreme every year on July 13th. Today we fill up our butterbeer to bubble over the rim and wear our hair like Princess Leia to celebrate geeks the world over!

Date: 13 Jul 2019
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Ice Cream Day

Today there`s no resisting this delicacy! Indulge in your favorite ice cream or even throw an ice cream party in honor of this most delicious day!

Date: 21 Jul 2019
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Cousins Day

Cousins can be amazing lifelong friends. Keep your family bonds strong by keeping your cousins close. Celebrate Cousins Day by seeing or contacting your cousins!

Date: 24 Jul 2019
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Uncle ` Aunt Day

This is the day to give attention to and spend time with your aunts and uncles. Share a small note or even a present to express your appreciation for them being in your life!

Date: 26 Jul 2019
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Parents` Day

Parents` Day is a day to recognize the importance of positive parenting. If there`s a parental figure in your life, return the love on this day!

Date: 28 Jul 2019
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Day of Friendship

Strength is in togetherness! Harmony is always possible when you realize that everyone is looking for happiness. Today reach out to someone new to make a new friend!

Date: 30 Jul 2019
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Girlfriend`s Day

This day is in honor of friendship or romance with a girl or woman! This can be an opportunity for women to celebrate friendship together or a chance to wine and dine that special lady!

Date: 01 Aug 2019
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Sisters Day

Celebrate your sister on this special day devoted only to sisters and what makes them so wonderful!

Date: 04 Aug 2019
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World Cat Day

Cat Day celebrates the world`s most popular pet! Cats have adapted to living with humans over thousands of years and were worshipped in ancient Egypt. Here`s a `meow` for our cat friends, who we respect and protect.

Date: 08 Aug 2019
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Son ` Daughter Day

Being part of a child`s life is truly an invaluable and irreplaceable experience. Yet time passes quickly. This joyful day serves as a reminder to fully appreciate and make the most of your child-parent bond.

Date: 11 Aug 2019
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Be an Angel Day

Be that angel in disguise! Surprise someone with a random act of kindness. From gifting a stranger to picking up chores for your neighbor... opportunities abound!

Date: 22 Aug 2019
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Kiss ` Make Up Day

Forgiveness is easier when we let go of expectations of how we want someone to be in our lives. If we see people as learning along their journey, we can appreciate them as they are and we can live with more compassion and understanding.

Date: 25 Aug 2019
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Dog Day

Dog Appreciation Day is devoted to our smart, loveable companions: dogs! It`s a reminder to adopt dogs from shelters and to thank dogs for their service, love and endless friendship.

Date: 26 Aug 2019
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Grandparents` Day

If you are fortunate to have grandparents in your life or if you have `adopted` an older person in your life, this is the day to show your love and admiration in every way!

Date: 01 Sep 2019
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Labor Day

Labor Day is a federal holiday that recognizes the economic contribution of American workers. It`s a day for resting, going on trips and for social events.

Date: 02 Sep 2019
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Day of Charity

Today is the International Day of Charity focusing on the eradication of global poverty to improve the existence of the world`s most vulnerable peoples. You can help by volunteering or donating.

Date: 05 Sep 2019
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Hug your Hound Day

Besides hugging your pooch today, it`s the perfect time to embrace and advocate for healthy behaviors towards the training and taking care of dogs.

Date: 14 Sep 2019
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World Gratitude Day

Expressing gratitude brings happiness and contentment into daily life. Let the appreciation flow because it`s this gratitude that helps us feel connected to one another and thankful for all the blessings we have!

Date: 21 Sep 2019
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Love Note Day

On this day, express your gratitude for someone special with a handwritten note! Receiving the expression of love or friendship on paper is one of the most intimate moments to experience in life.

Date: 26 Sep 2019
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Good Neighbor Day

This day is a great reminder to approach and get to know your neighbors better! Organize a block party or have your neighbors over for a meal. If this feels like too much, at least start with a smile and a `hello`!

Date: 28 Sep 2019
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Coffee Day

Coffee truly fuels the modern world. An extra cup of java (or 3!) is worth savoring today on National Coffee Day!

Date: 29 Sep 2019
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World Smile Day

World Smile Day encourages people to spread acts of kindness, good will and cheer. Do something random that is nice. Compliment someone. Buy a stranger a coffee. Make others smile!

Date: 04 Oct 2019
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Card Making Day

Express your love ` your care by hand-making a card for someone special on Card Making Day. You can even organize a craft party with friends or family to create your own small masterpieces to exchange!

Date: 05 Oct 2019
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World Teachers` Day

Today we celebrate and give our appreciation to teachers, who dedicate their time, spirit and energy to sharing knowledge with students of all ages.

Date: 05 Oct 2019
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Its My Party Day

Time to throw your own party! Send out invitations, decorate, make some party foods, throw on some upbeat music and let the party begin!

Date: 11 Oct 2019
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Global Cat Day

Global Cat Day reminds us to respect and honor the lives of feral cats that reside outdoors in communities around the world.

Date: 16 Oct 2019
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